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Wow!  Had a great dinner tonight at La Casa del Árbol, a Uruguayan restaurant in Managua, Nicaragua.  I am a fan of South American fare but, honestly, hadn’t had anything from Uruguay.  We savored a sumptious feast called “A Fuego Lento”: a rack of beef ribs with our choice of three side items (salad, grilled vegetales and a stuffed baked potato were our choice).  The meat literally fell off the ribs – all I had to use was my fork.   The ribs were served with an olive oil and herb dressing that was really good.  Anybody know what that is called?  Of course, before, it was preceded by a cup of Astica wine from Argentina and an excellent  variety of breads. And the grand finale was an excellent flan, served with dulce de leche, a caramel like sweet, washed down by that same great wine.

Jorge, our waiter, was very attentive but never over the top.  Great service, great food, great company…what more can you ask for?  This was the make-up dinner for a horrible anniversary dinner at ????? (click to read).  It more than made up for it…definitely a place to repeat in Managua.  Hats off to our friends from Uruguay.

On a scale of 1 to 10, La Casa del Árbol receives a very coveted 9.

How much will this set you back?  Click here to see prices at La Casa del Árbol.



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