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El Zaguán – Granada

We ate lunch today in Granada, Nicaragua with Donald Mejía. The name of the restaurant is El Zaguán.
Here is the address: Calle El Arsenal, Granada, Nicaragua. 
It’s a very nice restaurant that specializes in grilled steak, pork, chicken and fish. Excellent from the start as you can see. The chicken served with two different types of plantains and rice cost C$170 ( US$8.50). The grilled pork ribs cost C$160 (US$8.00). The service and quality are excellent. We recommend it!!!

Hoy almorzamos en Granada, Nicaragua con Donald Mejía. El restaurante se llama El Zaguán.
Aquí está la dirección: Calle El Arsenal, Granada, Nicaragua
Es un restaurante bien bonito cuyo expecialidad es carne, cerdo, pollo y pescado asado. Todo era buenísmo desde el arranque. El pollo, servido con tostones, plátanos y arroz cuesta C$170 (US$8.50). Las costillas de cerdo cuestan C$160 (US$8.00). El servicio y calidad son excelentes. ¡¡¡Se lo recomendamos!!!

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  1. Yes, 'one of the best restaurants in town', but surely not the only good restaurant. Around the corner from there, another good restaurant (re)opened: Jardin d'Orion. It has a totally different atmosphere than other places around town, and serves up more than decent fresh food. Besides, they do excellent salads, and a cheap daily special! It is not grilled food, but that's a relief for a change!

  2. Our family just returned from Nicaragua and there are not enough words to express how wonderful our meal was at El Zaguan! We had the filet with bacon and it was better than anything we have had recently in the States! The service was great and the idea of the playhouse for children was a lifesaver. If you make a trip to Nicaragua make sure you eat here! If anyone knows how to make the green verde that is pictured at the top of the page, please post the recipe. Thehost gave it to us but we lost it during our travels. Again, the BEST restaurant you will ever find.


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