Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Year-end doll burningQuemando muñecos al fin del año

In Nicaragua, many people have the custom of burning large, life-size dolls on December 31st.  This year, a motorcyle, a couple and Mickey Mouse...


1 stressed bald green parrot is a green parrot that, because of not adjusting well to her recent move to Las Salinas, Rivas in Nicaragua, plucks out...

Homeless woman/Mujer sin techo

This homeless woman passes her nights in the entrance to the Enitel building, right in from of Café Rosita en León.Esta mujer sin techo...


Ants are everywhere



The famous Nica nacatamal

I ate a yummy typical breakfast today - that Nacatamal (huge, even by Nicaraguan standards), washed down with black coffee.Why do people like them...

Burger King returns to Nicaragua

Burger King came to Nicaragua in 1992. You might have also heard that the Burger King franchise left Nicaragua en 2018, as it had...

Pork ribs/costillas de cerdo

If you are looking for a delicious pork ribs recipe, look no further! Costillas are the perfect way to enjoy a savory meal that...

Sandwich Shop – the famous Boquete eatery

When you visit Boquete in the highlands of Panama, please stop by and have breakfast (served all day) or one of their great sandwiches....

Yummy carne desmenuzada (shredded beef)

A typical plate of carne desmenuzada in Nicaragua


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Wonderful whale watching in Panama

Check out the video at the bottom of the page!Whale watching is a popular activity that attracts many tourists and locals to the coasts...


From Evernote: Ocean Home | Coastal OpeningsClipped...

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