Saturday, May 27, 2023

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Mango season

Mango season is upon us.  People start eating them green (with salt) and in quantities that are surprising. As the fruit turns...

Don Simón

Classic car in Managua

Lunch at the market

Punta Jesús María


Bad cats

These cats are always begging at lunch time so, their owners in Barrio Edgar Munguía, Managua, Nicaragua decided to make good use of this...


The urraca should be the national bird in Nicaragua, rather than the guardabarranco.  At least that is the conclusion I have come to after...



The famous rateado, alcalde and nacatamal

Here is an excellent breakfast. It's called a rateado or alcalde but nacatamal is its universal name.You'll find pork, potatoes, rice, tomato, and a...

Delicious nacatamal de Nicaragua

Have you ever had a nacatamal from Nicaragua? It is a (about 2 pound) corn dough tamal filled with rice, pork, potato, tomato, and...

Jimmy “Three Fingers” Alabama Rib Shack Bar and Grill

Jimmy's is a must when you visit Granada, Nicaragua.  You will now be served by Suzanne, a bubbly woman hailing from California, via Costa...

Miramar Churrasquería & Ceviche

I wanted to try out a new restaurant that had caught my attention a few weeks ago.  It's called Miramar Churrasquería & Ceviches. The waiter...

Good carne desmenuzada

I ate this typical Nicaraguan dish for lunch today in Las Flores, Masaya: shredded beef cooked in a tomato, garlic, and onion sauce, rice,...


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7 great tacos in Boquete, Panama

Do take a trip to a side street food truck area of Boquete, Chiriquí. There you will find this street taco place that beats...


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