Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Examine me and put me to the test

This is where I want my laboratory work done....Aquí es donde quiero que se hagan mis exámenes....

Hotel Spa Granada

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Surfing in Nicaragua


The 1 unique Ojo de Agua in Ometepe

We went to one of our favorite places in Ometepe, Nicaragua, one of the three great biosphere reserves in Nicaragua.  It's called Ojo de...


Say hi to these two twins that live in El Hormigón, Granada. They got really camera shy as I took their picture....Saluden a...

Moon from Cárdenas

Cumbia Chinandegana


Bringing Home the Flavors of Nicaragua: A Provisional Guide to Great Nicaraguan Cuisine

Introduction to Nicaraguan Cuisine In a country with a population of 5.6 million, Nicaraguan food is influenced by European, African, and indigenous people. The foods in...

Miramar Churrasquería & Ceviche

I wanted to try out a new restaurant that had caught my attention a few weeks ago.  It's called Miramar Churrasquería & Ceviches. The waiter...

Delicious nacatamal de Nicaragua

Have you ever had a nacatamal from Nicaragua? It is a (about 2 pound) corn dough tamal filled with rice, pork, potato, tomato, and...

On The Run coffee

This is one of my favorites here in Chinandega: an On the Run coffee and a pineapple strudel. The coffee will set you back...

El Eskimo – your next best restaurant

Well, we have been through a pandemic and other crisis here in Nicaragua...I was wondering if my all-time favorite restaurant in Managua had survived...


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Latest pOSTS from Panama

Chorros de Olá – 3 great waterfalls

The Chorros de Olá: A Natural Oasis in Coclé, Panama within the heart of Panama's lush Coclé province, the Chorros de Olá is a...


In Caña de Castilla, Nicaragua (10 km. from Granada and 2 km. from the famous ‘Lung of Central America’ – the majestic Mombacho...

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