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These termite nests are all over the place in El Comején, Masaya. They are in the trees, on the ground and about everywhere...


Ometepe – Spectacular Charco Verde

Have you ever been to Charco Verde on the Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua?  As far as tourism goes, it is a great place...

Breakfast (Desayuno) in Mérida, Ometepe

Mérida, Ometepe used to be full of dairy cows and coffee plantations.  The locals say that the milk was so abundant that the farmers...

Lemonade Limonada

Diario de Nicaragua

Shiatsu massage


Bringing Home the Flavors of Nicaragua: A Provisional Guide to Great Nicaraguan Cuisine

Introduction to Nicaraguan Cuisine In a country with a population of 5.6 million, Nicaraguan food is influenced by European, African, and indigenous people. The foods in...

Nicaragua ice cream (in the past)

Most anyone who comes to Nicaragua tries, and likes, the local favorite brand: Eskimo Nicaragua ice cream.  However, it hasn't always been the local...

Carne asada

A Nicaraguan stronghold is 'la fritanga', a species of Nicaraguan fast food available on sidewalks throughout Nicaraguan cities and pueblos. There you will find...

Jimmy “Three Fingers” Alabama Rib Shack Bar and Grill

Jimmy's is a must when you visit Granada, Nicaragua.  You will now be served by Suzanne, a bubbly woman hailing from California, via Costa...

Yummy home-cooked lunch in Nicaragua

Foods from Nicaragua are great. We had a nice home-cooked meal in Nancimí, Rivas, Nicaragua.  It consisted of chicken (cooked in olive oil and...


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Latest pOSTS from Panama

A horse and a cow

Panama has a beautiful, rural countryside, especially in the Chiriquí part of the country (near the Costa Rica border). Here i leave you two...


   We spent a night at the (fairly new) Barceló Managua hotel.  It was a nice experience, worth repeating someday.  The price includes a buffet...

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