Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Spectacular view outside Managua

I was able to take this panoramic shot outside of Managua from the carretera suburbana, just a little to the west of San Judas...


MRI – Resonancia magnética Nicaragua

Update: I recently was asked to get another MRI by a pretty good neurologist in Managua: Dr. Jorge Antonio Muñoz.  He attends in two...

Cárdenas, Rivas

We spent the week in Cárdenas, Rivas.  It’s a quaint little fishing town on the south edge of Nicaragua (and Lake Nicaragua – which...

Just a Coke bottle….

Classic car in Managua


Layha Bistro in Managua

 I fell in love with Managua cuisine all over again tonight. I had been waiting to try Layha Bistro since the day I read...


Rojita - a Nicaraguan favorite!!!

Yummy Sea Bass

I was out in the countryside in La Reforma II near Masaya and had a great meal, consisting of breaded sea bass, fried plantains,...

El Eskimo – your next best restaurant

Well, we have been through a pandemic and other crisis here in Nicaragua...I was wondering if my all-time favorite restaurant in Managua had survived...

Look at these 2 huge mangos!!!

Out in El Comején, Masaya, in a place called La Puerta, Don José and his wife gifted these two mangos to me. I estimate...


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Latest pOSTS from Panama

The impressive Miraflores Locks on the Panama Canal Locks: Engineering Marvel of the Panama CanalThe Panama Canal stands as one of the most remarkable feats of engineering in modern history, and...


   We spent a night at the (fairly new) Barceló Managua hotel.  It was a nice experience, worth repeating someday.  The price includes a buffet...

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