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Sustainable dairy production in Chiriquí, Panama has a relatively small but growing milk-producing industry. The country's dairy sector faces challenges such as fluctuating milk prices, limited technological advancements, and...



The guardabarranco (turquoise-browed Motmot in English) is Nicaragua's beloved national bird.  I was in the Torres Molina area of Managua, believe it or not,...

Mi amiga Shirley

Aquí está mi amiga Shirley, una niña muy linda de Granada, Nicaragua.Here is my little friend Shirley, a beautiful little girl from Granada, Nicaragua.

Paquita the little bird


Delicious Nicaraguan sopa de queso

One of Nicaragua's traditional recipes is sopa de queso.  Traditionally, some choose not to eat meat during Holy Week.  However, dieting is not part...

40 days of sopa de queso

When it comes to comfort food, few dishes can rival the heartwarming embrace of a steaming bowl of soup. In Nicaragua, one such soup...


Rojita - a Nicaraguan favorite!!!

Delicious carne desmenuzada (recipe)

Carne desmenuzada is a popular Nicaraguan dish made from shredded beef that is often served with rice and beans. You might get it throughout...

Yummy and good: Mi Viejo Ranchito #1

We went to Mi Viejo Ranchito, located at Km. 17.5, on the highway to Masaya from Managua, with Cesar and Elizabeth Gonzalez hailing from...


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Birdwatching in Panama: A Colorful Avian Paradise, with its lush rainforests and diverse habitats, is a paradise for bird enthusiasts. The country boasts over 1,000 bird species, making it one...


This small hotel has three suites and eight habitaciones.  Breakfast and internet are included.  Prices start at $40 per night.  It's not one...

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