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The famous Nica nacatamal

I ate a yummy typical breakfast today – that Nacatamal (huge, even by Nicaraguan standards), washed down with black coffee.

Why do people like them so much?

Nacatamales are a traditional dish from Nicaragua made of masa (a type of corn dough) stuffed with pork, chicken, or beef, as well as vegetables and seasonings, and wrapped in plantain leaves. There are several reasons why people may enjoy them:

  1. Cultural significance: They are an important part of Nicaraguan cuisine and culture. They are often prepared for special occasions and family gatherings and can bring back fond memories of home and tradition for many people.
  2. Flavor and texture: They are savory and filling, with a unique blend of flavors and textures. The masa dough is soft and moist, while the filling is rich and flavorful, with a mix of spices and vegetables that vary depending on the recipe.
  3. Nutrition: Nacatamales are made with natural ingredients such as corn, plantains, and vegetables, and can provide a good source of nutrients such as fiber, protein, and vitamins.

Overall, people may enjoy nacatamales for their cultural significance, delicious flavor, and nutritional value.

Nacatamales ready to be steamed
Ready to be steamed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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