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Shiatsu massage

Do you consider getting a massage a luxury?  I used to.  However, the wide availability of qualified massage therapists in Nicaragua has changed my mind.  I have had great full-body massages from professional therapists in San Juan del Sur, Granada, Masaya and Managua.  In fact, in Managua there is Oriental Medicine Institute where many have studied these different techniques.

Recently I had a few sessions of iridology, acupuncture, reflexology and shiatsu at the Clinica de Medicina Oriental, located in the Altamira area of Managua.  The prices are the following:
45 minute massage – C$250
30 minute foot massage (reflexology diagnosis) – C$250
Iridology diagnosis (without acupuncture – C$190; with acupuncture – C$230)
Doctor Ivan Cisneros takes care of the diagnostics and natural medicine.
Xiomara Negra is the physical therapist that does the massages.
When you have a chance, it is an hour well spent.
Clinica de Medicina Oriental
Altamira D’Este
De donde fue la Farmacia Quinta Ave., 75 vrs arriba
Casa #770
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