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2 great MRI options in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, many families struggle to access quality medical care – which is why MRI options are so important. State-of-the-art machines provide doctors with accurate diagnoses and detailed images, giving patients peace of mind. The machines are delivered to hospitals with highly trained technicians so that patients can receive the best possible care. With several MRI options, hospitals in Nicaragua can now give their patients the highest quality of care and diagnostic accuracy – leading to improved health outcomes for all.

Here are two good options:

  • Hospital Militar Escuela Dr. Alejandro Dávila Bolaños
  • Rotonda el Guegüense 400 m. al Este & 300 m. al Sur
  • Managua, Nicaragua
  • (505) 1801-1000
  • Click here to see a video of their services (in Spanish).

  • Hospital Vivian Pellas
  • Carretera Masaya, Km. 9.8, 200 mts al oeste
  • Managua, Nicaragua
  • (505) 2255-6900
  • Click here to go to their MRI page (in Spanish).

Please click here for my personal experience.



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