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Road to [camino a] Las Salinas, Nicaragua

Some have asked me how the road from Ochomogo to Las Salinas (in Rivas, Nicaragua) is.  So here is a my first hand version of the trip.  It is February, 2012, during the dry season.  This will definitely not be up to date during the rainy season in Nicaragua, generally from May to November.  During that time, you might need to take the Rivas-Tola-Las Salinas route.  BTW I was watching and documenting the odometer.  However, all measurements are approximates.  Check out the pictures for visual guidance.

From Granada to the Ochomogo bridge: 40 km.  IMG_2645

Turn right immediately after you cross the bridge.  Note the signs for Chacocente (59.4 km.), Punta Teonoste and Escalante (10 km.).


Head down a dirt road that is in decent shape.  I was able to cruise along at 60 km/h until the next checkpoint (about 9 km.). 


At 49.5 km from Granada, you will need to take a left.  Here again you will see the sign for Punta Teonaste. 


On the right hand side, there is a yellow church.  The conditions on this road turn worse and you will probably average 30 km/h.


Travel on and you will eventually see a faded white and yellow wooden fence (on the right side of the road).


From this point on, I would recommend a higher, 4WD vehicle.  A car could be nursed through but will eventually suffer up ahead.


At 53.5 km from Granada, you will come to a Y in the road.  Take it to the right and wave to yet another Punta Teonaste sign.



At km. 61.2 and 64.6, you will have to cross water.



You will travel through some small villages such as San Ignacio and Las Delicias.  When you get to this landmark at km. 68, near the La Virgen Morena town, keep to the right.


Continue on to about km. 70 and you will see this:



You are in Las Salinas.  You can head to Punta Teonoste, Chacocente, El Astillero, Guasacate o Popoyo.  Rancho Santana and Haciendo Iguana are also within reach.  The beachs and Nicaragua’s great surf are awaiting!



  1. Nice report, thanks a lot! Hey do you know anyone who has tried to take the route that goes through Carazo to get to El Astillero? I was G@@gle earthing that the other day and it looked doable…from Jinotepe go towards Santa Teresa, etc etc looks like the last about 16 km are on dirt. Thanks again for the updated report on how to get to Las Salina, Guasacate, Popoyo, etc.

  2. There are three ways to get to Las Salinas, aka Popoyo.
    Tola, 35 klic unpaved from Tola (cuidad). Well maintained by the Alcalde and some Developments, drove it fifth gear much of last trip June 2012, Guacalito (pellas) have begun to adoquin the stretch from Tola to their entry, maybe eventually 10,12 klics. Best the road has ever been in my 8 yearsexperience
    Ochomogo, drove it also in June, best if has ever been, far and away, took the direct turn at the bridge, not the other way in about five klic south of bridge on C Sur/PanAm.
    St Teresa, never passable during high rains, ten klics or so of deteriorated blacktop from Aleman's failed attempt to run pavement to his Ranch in Las Salinas. Can be a goat track. Need a good four wheel for sure. But I have not driven it in two years so anything is possible to have occurred.


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