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Las Colinas del Sur

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Las Colinas is a famous restaurant in Granada, Nicaragua.  Their specialty is the whole guapote fish totally and almost miraculously de-spined.  Oh and man is it good!  The filet-o-fish (guapote too) are really good, especially the breaded ones with the garlic sauce on the side.  It is not big on atmosphere but is so popular that many ex-presidents, Alejandro Fernández and Daniel Ortega have eaten there.  Daniel usually drinks Coca Zero at room temperature.  His wife, Rosario, drinks orange Fanta.  The waiter told me so….

On a scale of 1 to 10, 8 for the fish which is excellent!

Shell Palmira 1c Al Sur 2 1/2c Al Lago Nicaragua, Granada

(505) 25523492 

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