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Tacos LaSalle

We stopped for the famous LaSalle tacos, made on the street corner of the school with the same name in León. They are served up fresh as you ask for them…a rolled up tortilla with their secret chicken mix inside, deep fried and then topped with cabbage, cream and a lime, onion and chile pepper salad. I washed mine down with an orange Fanta and a Coca-cola. We ate with Karl and Tiffany. The 10 tacos (3,3,2,2) and 5 sodas cost a mere C$130 (US$6.50). Karl Lamy, Tiffany Lamy

Pasamos a comer los famosos tacos LaSalle, hechos en la esquina del colegio con el mismo nombre en León. Los hacen cuando uno los pide…una tortilla enrollado con un pollo especial preparado, frito y luego te echan repollo, crema y cebolla con chile y limón. Yo también tomé dos gaseosas: una Fanta naranja y un Coca-cola. Comimos con Karl y Tiffany. Los 10 tacos (3,3,2,2) y 5 gaseosas costaron solamente C$130 (US$6.50).

Karl Lamy, Tiffany Lamy



  1. hi…
    this food remind me to 2 indonesia food coz have same shape and fries(kroket and pisang aroma).kroket include in vegetable&rice noodle and pisang aroma include in banana&raw sugar or we added it cheese or chocolate.
    i click ur ads too


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