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Casa del Café – Panini de Churrasco


The Casa del Café coffee shop, a popular chain of restaurants in Nicaragua, has a recent creation called Panini de Churrasco.  Churrasco is the famous cut of steak, arguably the most popular in Nicaragua, that generally is garnished with chimichurri, a popular South American sauce that is widely used in Nicaragua as well.  A basic version uses fresh parsley, oregano, garlic, oil and vinegar and maybe a little bit of chili pepper.  Click here for a good recipe for chimichurri.  They nailed the flavor on the head with this steak sandwich.  It costs $6.00 and is served with either cream of broccoli, cream of tomato or a lettuce salad (and that little dish of delicious coleslaw).  I hope it becomes a regular on their menu cause it’s a winner!  BTW, the other panini is turkey, pretty tasty as well.

Casa del Café has restaurants in the following locations in Managua: Altamira, Metrocentro (kiosk and restaurant), Galerías Santo Domingo (kiosk and restaurant), Multicentro Las Ámericas (kiosk)), La Unión Altamira (kiosk), Cobirsa (kiosk), Airport Augusto César Sandino (kiosk), Hiper La Colonia (kiosk), Centro Pellas (kiosk), León (kiosk), Plaza Mayor de Las Colinas (restaurant) y Plaza Occident Chinandega (kiosk).

You can see how much a meal of these new Panini cost here.



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