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Arroz aguado de chancho (Nicaraguan pork and rice stew)

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If you get a chance to eat lunch with a Nicaraguan family, and they ask you what you would like to try, say “Quiero probar arroz aguado de chancho.”  This is one of the lesser known Nicaraguan delicacies….and I am sure you are going to love it!  Have you eaten a nacatamal?  Let’s say that this would be a squishy cousin to the nacatamal (without the corn based dough, of course).  You have to eat it piping hot and it’s even better with a boiled sweet plantain and a piece of quesillo or other local cheese.

There are a couple of good recipes available on Internet. I personally would opt for this one (it’s in Spanish). Here is another version in English. They both look like pretty good recipes…but like I said, go to somebody’s house…much better that way!



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