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Sustainable dairy production in Chiriquí, Panama

Sustainable dairy production near Divalá, Panamá
Cows in Chiriquí
A milk production cow in Divalá, Chiriquí

Panama has a relatively small but growing milk-producing industry. The country’s dairy sector faces challenges such as fluctuating milk prices, limited technological advancements, and issues related to pasture management. Chiriquí, located in western Panama, is known for its agricultural activities, including milk production.

Some key factors that may influence milk production in Chiriquí or any other region include:

  1. Climate: Weather conditions can impact the availability and quality of pasture, affecting the overall health and productivity of cattle.
  2. Technology and Infrastructure: The adoption of modern farming practices and the availability of infrastructure, such as available processing facilities, can significantly impact the efficiency of milk production.
  3. Market Dynamics: Milk prices, demand, and access to markets play a crucial role in influencing the motivation of farmers to produce more milk.
  4. Government Policies: Policies related to agriculture, subsidies, and support for the dairy industry can have a direct impact on milk production.
  5. Disease Control: Health management practices, including disease control measures, can affect the overall well-being of dairy cattle and, consequently, milk production.

The Chiriquí area of Panama has excellent properties to make milk production one of the most important agricultural activities in the area.



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