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One nice watermelon-eating dog

A dog that likes to eat watermelon
Pluto eating watermelon
A dog named Pluto has finished his watermelon.
Pluto has finished his watermelon.

This watermelon-eating dog knows how to make the best of living in a tropical paradise like Nicaragua.  He gratefully eats most fruits and vegetables thrown his way, as the picture clearly reveals.  His name is Pluto and I was told that a little later he will even finish up the rinds.

Este perro que come sandía sabe aprovechar de vivir en un paraíso tropical como Nicaragua.  Con agradecimiento come cualquier fruto y verdura que se le tira.  Vos lo observás allí con la sandía.  El perro se llama Plutón y me dijeron que más luego termina comiendo hasta la cáscara.

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