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2 Great Orthodontists in Nicaragua

I was back at my favorite dentist in Nicaragua – in Granada. Nicaragua is home to many talented dentists and orthodontists. But up until now, access to quality dental care has been difficult for most Nicaraguans. However, I found a group of highly skilled dentists and orthodontists in Granada. This team offers modern treatments, affordable prices, and a good location. So if you want to get the best dental care in Nicaragua, come visit us today!

I had a couple of fillings re-filled.  As good as ever this team of fine dental surgeons!!!  I really love the way they interact with the patients. And their work is top-notch. Click on the bottom two pictures for prices and instructions. And check out this other article about the dental team from Granada. Click here.

Fui de nuevo a visitar a mis dentistas favoritos en Granada, Nicaragua…para cambiar dos calzas.  Este equipo de ortodontistas…pues bueno como siempre!!!  Pinchá las dos fotos últimos para ver precios e instrucciones.

Male dentist Nicaragua
Dentist in Granada, Nicaragua
Woman dentist in Granada,Nicaragua
Woman dentist in Granada, Nicaragua
Dental technician in Granada, Nicaragua
Dental technician in Granada, Nicaragua
Prices for dental work in Granada, Nicaragua
Instructions at the dentist office in Granada, Nicaragua
Instructions at the dentist office in Granada, Nicaragua


  1. That is correct, Dr.Marco Mongalo, DDS at Managua has the best office in Nicaragua. His Dental Higyniest, RDH also holds an ADA License. There 3D implantology technology is superior to none.

  2. Hi Rachel. It's first come first sirve…best to go early in the morning at 7:00 a.m. and wait…they will give a turn to the first 15 or so…after they estimate that their schedule is full, they will tell you to come back some other day.

    I have arrived at 7:30 a.m. and there were already too many people ahead of me.


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