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1 stressed bald green parrot

Here is a green parrot that, because of not adjusting well to her recent move to Las Salinas, Rivas in Nicaragua, plucks out all of her body feathers.

Why do parrots pluck their feathers?

Parrots may pluck their feathers for a variety of reasons, including medical, environmental, and behavioral factors. Some common causes of feather plucking in parrots include:

  1. Medical conditions: Parrots may pluck their feathers due to various medical conditions, including skin infections, allergies, hormonal imbalances, and parasites.
  2. Environmental factors: Parrots may pluck their feathers due to stress, boredom, or changes in their environment, such as a move to a new home or a change in the household routine.
  3. Behavioral issues: Parrots may pluck their feathers as a result of learned behaviors, such as due to lack of attention, neglect, or mistreatment.

It is important to determine the underlying cause of feather plucking in parrots, as treatment will depend on the root cause. Consulting with a veterinarian or an experienced avian specialist can help in identifying the cause and providing appropriate treatment options for the parrot.

Aquí está una lora verde que, por estar mal ajustada a su recien mudanza a Las Salinas, Rivas en Nicaragua, se quita las plumas de su cuerpo.

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