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The 1 unique Ojo de Agua in Ometepe

Another natural pool at Ojo de Agua
The main natural pool
Sparking water at Ojo de Agua, Ometepe, Nicaragua
Crystal-clear mineral water
Coconuts with straws to drink the water
Coconut water is ready to drink!

We went to one of our favorite places in Ometepe, Nicaragua, one of the three great biosphere reserves in Nicaragua.  It’s called Ojo de Agua.  It is a natural spring that flows into natural and man-made pools.  Nice cool water on a hot sunny summer day in Nicaragua!  Ahhh, this is living!

Fuimos a unos de nuestros lugares favoritos en Ometepe, Nicaragua, uno de las tres reservas biósfera en Nicaragua.  Se llama Ojo de Agua.  Es un ojo de agua natural que fluye a unas piscinas naturales y artificiales.  Rica agua fresca para un día de verano caluroso en Nicaragua…esto sí es vivir!

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