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Why Nicaragua is a great vacation option? – CNN iReport

Why Nicaragua is a great vacation option?

By NICATOURISM  |  Posted May 2, 2012  |  Managua
Over the last 5 years tourism has given a huge jump in Nicaragua. Last year with a record of 1 million tourists. So why is Nicaragua your vacation option? It’s Simple!

It has very nice beaches like San Juan del Sur or Monteliamar. It has beautiful crystal waters on its caribbean islands like Corn Island. It has the oldest city in America “Granada” which has a unique colonial style where you can enjoy eating or walking. It has various cultural markets like the market in Masaya.

It has National Parks like Masaya Volcano which is an active volcano. It has fun activities like visiting Lake Nicaragua. You can also stay at beach resorts like Barcelo Hotels & Resorts at Montelimar Beach.

You can also go to the Mombacho Volcano Canopy or visit the Chocoyero reserve which has many types of birds. You can also visit Leon, which is another colonial city just 2 hours away from the capital.

For the kids, you can visit Selva Negra which is a small place to stay at Matagalpa which is 2 hours away from Managua. In Selva Negra, your kids can explore the mountain, the paths and have some fun horseriding. The weather in Central-North Nicaragua is primarily cool, in everywhere else it’s really hot.

Some great places to stay if you want great beaches and small but interesting towns are:

-Morgan’s Rock (nearby San Juan del Sur)
-Pelican Eyes (San Juan del Sur)
-Seaside Mariana
-Grand Pacifica
-Rancho Santana (Rivas)
-Guacalito (unfinished) (will be a World Class Hotel)

If you would like to visit Corn Island
you can stay at Arenas Beach which is the best hotel at the island, just a few hours away in airplane from the capital. Corn Island offers scuba diving, delicious seafood and fun for the little ones in it’s crystalline waters.




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