Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Crazy pájaro loco

::::::::::::::::PAJARO LOCO::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::Woody Woodpecker:::::::::::::::: (Photo credit: RIRP)
Woody Woodpecker
Feliz con su pájaron loco juguete
A young girl from Nicaragua with her toy

Here’s a typical Nicaragua toy that you might find in the artisan market in Masaya or in the Huembes market in Managua.  It’s called ‘Pájaro Loco’ which is also the name for Woody Woodpecker in Spanish.  Anyways, you’ll get the idea…the point is to make noise and that’s about it.

He aquí un juguete típico de Nicaragua que podés comprar en los mercados de artesanía en Masaya o en el mercado Huembes in Managua.  Se llama ‘Pájaro loco”.  Pues, parece que la idea es hacer bulla…y funciona.

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