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El Floridita

Oh my word!  I had the best lechón (spitted and roasted suckling pig) the other day in a Cuban restaurante called El Floridita.  I was at the Plaza Inter mall in Managua, Nicaragua and that’s where I ate it.  The owner told me he has another restaurant in the Plaza de las Américas mall near Bello Horizonte, Managua.

The stuff was off the charts.  I paid C$120 for that plate of food with a Coke.  Looks like they have a great selection of Cuban food so I will be back!!!!  BTW, Nicaragua has a close relationship with Cuba, both historically and culturally.  There are remnants of Cuban’s past influence in Nicaragua, particularly in a few good Cuban restaurants around town.

Español: Multicentro Las Americas Managua
Español: Multicentro Las Americas Managua (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Plaza Inter Food Court
Plaza Inter Food Court (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)
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