Friday, June 21, 2024

The Diner

On Monday, I took a drive on scenic South Highway (Carretera Sur) in Managua, Nicaragua.  On my way back from El Crucero some evening a few months ago, I had seen what seemed to be an old fashioned style diner…and I found it again!  It’s located at km. 8.5 Carretera Sur in the Centro Comercial La Liga. 
As you can see, the decor is that of a 50’s diner, complete with the old Cadillac, actually a 1961 Fleetwood Seventy-Five (or the back end of it).  You will be swooned with oldies in the background and, as was the case at lunch time on Monday, a really loud bunch of people waiting for their food.
Service was good.  José Luís was very attentive.  The owner shows interest in her clients as well and speaks both English and Spanish.  The best part, however, was the food.  Can you believe that bunless hamburger in the picture? (Click on the picture to enlarge).  It’s called the Light.  I was like: “This doesn’t belong here.  This looks like something from Restaurante Azul at Hotel Contempo in Managua”.  It was absolutely beautiful… a hamburger!  I ate the Classic (the other picture), which, as you can tell, is not made with common hamburger.  Tasted like ground steak, char-broiled to perfection (6 oz. of meat claims the menu).  I almost ordered a second one (but I’m on a diet).
Now, do I top it off with a milkshake or apple pie a la mode?  Since my wife loves apple pie, apple pie it was.  Delicious!!!  And she’s pretty picky about her apple pie….
The Diner is a winner.  The only thing I would like to figure out is when there are less people inside – it got real noisy.  But, I guess that’s what diners are all about huh?
On a scale of 1 to 10, I give The Diner an 8 (excellent quality and preparation of the food won me over).
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