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Intermezzo del Bosque…going downhill at a steady rate

I have been to Intermezzo del Bosque 5 times in the last few years.  We were very disappointed last Sunday when we went to celebrate our anniversary.  Our waiter was very aloof and not responsive at all.  He wasn’t in bad mood, just not with the game.

The food was the most dissapointing part of the visit…and I must admit that the last two visits had aroused fears that this was going to happen: a shocking descent in food quality.  My wife’s shrimp were watery (underneath the batter they were fried in).  I had steak medallions with three sauces (one of the sauces was stone cold).  The steak was good.  However, the waiter didn’t even ask how I wanted it prepared.  Huh?  Bread was hard/stale.  No salad served.

What a shame that this has happened.  The view and climate at Intermezzo del Bosque is unmatched in the Managua, Nicaragua dining experience.  It used to be our favorite place to go for a special dinner.  They need to get a top notch chef in there fast cause the food was really below standards for what was once considered a fine dining experience.  The head waiter needs to get his game on too.  Until I hear better, this place is off our list.

Enjoy the pictures…they are the highlights of this visit.

You can see prices at Intermezzo del Bosque here.



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