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Mariscos Las Pitahayas

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Had some tasty seafood the other day at Mariscos Las Pitahayas in Altamira, Managua.  It isn’t much on ambiance…more like a ranchón you might find at a Nicaraguan beach like Poneloya o Paso Caballos.  However, the service was really good and the food was tasty…not as hot as I would have liked but it was good.

We ordered breaded shrimp and garlic shrimp, both plates very tasty, served with french fries and salad.  Prices weren’t the greatest (click here to see) but it beats Burger King.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Mariscos Las Pitahayas a 6 (mainly for lack of ambiance and prices should be lower for this type of restaurant).  If you have a hankering for seafood in the middle of Managua, it’s a decent option.

Mariscos Las Pitahayas
De la Vicky 300 mts. S



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