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Another nice option for creative cuisine exists in Los Robles, Managua.  It’s the Mesón Real, a Spanish and fusion restaurante.  The owner, Gustavo Tefel, has done a really good job of re-inventing flavors…imagine the garlic shrimp (seen above) served on a bed of fried yucca and olive oil.  I thought it was a really interesting combination.  Also, the Corvina Reyna, a fusion of Spanish and Mayan cooking.  While it wasn’t a favorite for me, it was an interesting creation.

The service is good and the ambiance is friendly.  As I mentioned, if you get a chance to talk to Gustavo, which you probably will, you’ll feel his inspiration in the cooking.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 8, especially for his creative flavors.

Mesón Real
Semáforos Club Terraza 1 c. N, 1 c. E
Villa Fontana Este, Managua
2278-0863 (for his León, Nicaragua restaurant)



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