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The safest country in Central America – Why?

Plaza de la independencia en la ciudad de Gran...
Plaza de la independencia en la ciudad de Granada (Nicaragua) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lonely Planet Guide has just named it’s Top 5 Destinations to Visit in 2015.  Not surprisingly, Nicaragua continues to pile up accolades and is #4 on the list, ahead of Ireland and behind Lithuania.  In addition to the incredible natural beauty and the character of the locals, Nicaragua is also, statistically speaking, the safest country in Central America.  That, of course, might raise some doubtful eyebrows.  However, it is true and very noteworthy.

How did this situation come about?  Note what Ana Quintana, Latin America Research Associate has to say*:

“Studying the Case of Nicaragua

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua share many problems, the same drug-trafficking route, a colonial legacy of underdevelopment and an agrarian economy, 1980s-era conflict and insurgency, as well as weak governance. Unlike the other three countries, however, Nicaragua has so far been immune to high levels of violence. Security strategies adopted during the post-conflict period of the late 1980s and early 1990s paved the way for Nicaragua’s exceptional conditions. Partially because of community policing programs and a demilitarization of domestic security forces, Nicaragua has some of the lowest crime and murder rates in the region. Of tens of thousands of unlawful Central American migrants in 2014, only 194 were Nicaraguan. Although Nicaragua has significant progress to make in democratic governance and economic development, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras should replicate Nicaragua’s successful police reform policies wherever possible.”

Putting politics aside, Nicaragua is a great place to visit (and to live if that is what you are investigating)!

*Quote taken from this link.



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