Friday, June 21, 2024

Full service buses

When you have the pleasure of travelling on an old yellow school bus in Nicaragua, you can have many needs catered. First of all, you won’t need a map of Nicaragua. Your driver knows where he is going: Chinandega, León, Managua, Masaya, Granada, Estelí, Matagalpa…even to Bluefields if you want. 
Do you want a banana? Hold on. Here they come. Oh, you want fried chicken? Here comes the fried chicken lady. Wash it down with water or a coke? No problem. You can even buy medicine that cures just about anything (or so says the man). Ahh but no bathrooms on the bus…keep that in mind. Settle in and get ready for your trip….
Cuando tenés el placer de viajar en un viejo autobús escolar (color amarillo) en Nicaragua, se te puede atender tus muchas necesidades también. En primer lugar, no necesitarás un mapa de Nicaragua. Su conductor sabe a dónde se dirige: Chinandega, León, Managua, Masaya, Granada, Estelí, Matagalpa… incluso a Bluefields si querés. 

¿Querés un banano? Aguantate. Aquí vienen… Oh, ¿querés pollo frito? Aquí viene la mujer del pollo frito. ¿Enjuagarlo con agua o una coca-cola? No hay problema. Incluso podés comprar medicamentos que curan casi cualquier cosa (así dice el hombre). Ahh, pero no hay baños en el bus…para que sepás…Acomodate y preparate para tu viaje….



  1. Ohh what an experience you have. Usually when you think of busses you think of the bright yellow ones that you used to be forced to ride on the way to school but not anymore. Although busses are still primarily focused on bringing transportation to a large number of people at a time, they are now shifting their attention to building busses made for luxury and style. They are comfortable and fun to ride and drive.

  2. It's very impressive, I really like the spirit of the Nicaraguan people, specially through this economic turmoil, they're just trying to make ends meet to feed their families.

    I recall that you could also see children selling candies, but you didn't get any in your video.


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