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Stingrays/rayas látigo

Do you like fresh fish? The fishermen in Corinto, Nicaragua often include stingrays in their daily catch. They are killed at sea and then brought to the beach where anxious workers cut them up. Many times the flesh of these animals is cut, breaded, fried and served as “fish sticks” in the local restaurants. It has a smooth, very neutral, fishlike flavor.
¿Te gusta el marisco fresco? Los pescadores de Corinto, Nicaragua suelen pescar las rayas látigo. Las matan en el mar y las traen a la playa para que los ‘fileteros’ las preparen. En muchas instancias, la carne se corta, se empaniza y se fria para ser servido como ‘dedos de pescado’ en los restaurantes. Tiene un sabor suave, neutral, como pescado.



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