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Bringing Home the Flavors of Nicaragua: A Provisional Guide to Great Nicaraguan Cuisine

Introduction to Nicaraguan Cuisine

In a country with a population of 5.6 million, Nicaraguan food is influenced by European, African, and indigenous people.

The foods in Nicaragua are known as some of the most diverse in Central America because it has close ties to European colonization. The African slave trade also influenced Nicaraguan cuisine. This was due to the fact that many found themselves enslaved in the country’s fertile land and plantation farms.

The cuisine from Nicaragua has roots in pre-Columbian era. Indigenous groups like the Chibcha people used to eat corn, potatoes, beans, and squash long before Spanish colonization began in 1521. It also includes grains and legumes from Africa like black-eyed peas or chickpeas.

Tips on Finding Ingredients for Nicaraguan Recipes – please check out the many posts on this blog with reference to Nicaraguan food.

For instance, the Nicaraguan food in the picture above is commonly called a “repocheta”, a delicious combination of a fried corn tortilla, refried beans, pulled pork, cabbage salad, cream, and cheese. Oh is it good!!!


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