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Yummy home-cooked lunch in Nicaragua

Foods from Nicaragua are great. We had a nice home-cooked meal in Nancimí, Rivas, Nicaragua.  It consisted of chicken (cooked in olive oil and basil), slightly refried beans, fried green plantains (called tostones and a big part of Nicaragua’s food), a salad made of tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime juice, rice, and some nice ice-cold Coca-Cola to wash it down.  One of the simple and delicious home-cooked foods in Nicaragua that you might be served off the beaten path…
Comimos un delicioso almuerzo casero  en Nancimí, Rivas, Nicaragua. Consistió de pollo (sofrito en aceite de oliva y albahaca), frijoles ligeramente refritos, plátanos verdes fritos (llamados tostones), una ensalada hecha de tomate, cebolla, cilantro y jugo de limón, arroz y una Coca-Cola bien helada para bajarlo todo. Es una de las comidas deliciosas y hechas en casa  que vos podrías probar en caminos adentrados de Nicaragua.


  1. The food of Nicaragua is the best of the best among all the other countries i can tell you I, a Nicaraguan living for more than 20 years outside of his country.
    I cook like I'm in my country


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