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Bad driver in El Viejo/Chofer malo en El Viejo

This truck driver took a wrong turn and then got hung up on that tree. So, he straightened the truck out and got out to see what the problem was. Instead of climbing up and untangling the tree from the truck, he decided to just take off, pulling the tree down with him. However, the neighbors were more than interested in the license plate here in the picture and soon thereafter took off to get the police. Ha ha ha ha

Este caminero giró mal y se enredó con ese árbol. Echó para atrás el camión y se bajó para ver que fue lo que pasaba. Sin embargo, en vez de desenredar las ramas, decidió mejor arrancar con todo y el árbol. Momentos después, los vecinos estaban muy interesados en conocer el número de las placas del camión. Apuntaron el dato y se fueron a la policía para agarrar el chofer y camión. Ja ja ja ja

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  1. It is amazing what is seen in these countries, it's not that it doesn't happen in the States, but in the third world it seems to be a regular occurrence. Good thing, it makes for good writing.

  2. After analyzing the photos, your Cuenca CSI reporter has come to the following conclusion. Dad pulls around the corner to deposit something into the trash can (not), then once hung up on the tree, sends son to check out what's the situation. After son sees the coast is clear and there are no police in the neighborhood, (that's a surprise) reports back to Dad and off they go!


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