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El Eskimo – your next best restaurant

Chimichurri and chileros at El Eskimo
Chimichurri and other sauces
Dining room at El Eskimo
Dining room at El Eskimo

Well, we have been through a pandemic and other crisis here in Nicaragua…I was wondering if my all-time favorite restaurant in Managua had survived all the drama. I am happy to say that YES! it has!

It was like ‘regresando a casa’…great service and great food at this Altagracia, Managua, Nicaragua restaurant. Of course, the menu is varied and there is something for everyone. However, I was interested in the famous Nicaraguan cut called “churrasco”. I ordered it between medium (término medio) y 3/4. It was served with a house salad, bread, french fries and rice (didn’t need the nice). There is also a nice selection of house sauces (chimichurri, and two types of spicy dressings). I had no room left to order my favorite Eskimo desert – Peach Melba.

Tripadvisor has it as the #19 restaurant in Managua. I love El Eskimo. It has stood the test of time and is better than ever!

More churrasco here.

And here…

And here…

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