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What to do with all those great pictures from Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a very fascinating place to take pictures. Its people and places offer a very interesting experience. Once you have taken a lot of pictures, however, picture editing is a necessary and time-consuming labor. Then you might wonder what picture editing software you should use. There are dozens of different options, from free picture editing software to professional software packages. Some are subscription based, others are a one-time purchase. To say what are the best picture editing apps is difficult as the options and features are so varied.

I have purchased Luminar 4 and am currently using it to edit new posts and re-edit older posts here on my blog. It is very good for beginners and more experienced picture editors. It has unique artificial intelligence (AI) features that make quick photo editing a breeze. However, the most exciting news from the Skylum software family is Luminar AI – to be released on December 15th. I have it on preorder and you can too. To learn more about it, follow this link. Take a look! You will be really surprised!



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