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Joshua Berman: Flying To The New Airstrip In Greytown, Nicaragua (VIDEO)

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Joshua Berman: Flying To The New Airstrip In Greytown, Nicaragua (VIDEO)

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Joshua Berman.

Author, ‘Maya 2012: A Guide to Celebrations in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras’





Flying To The New Airstrip In Greytown, Nicaragua (VIDEO)

Posted: 09/07/2012 7:00 am


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"Stories caught on film," says the mission statement of the Nomading Film Festival, "while traveling, are some of the most entertaining, educating, beautiful and authentic." I agree. This helps explain the allure of travel videos fresh from the field, now streaming in all corners of the Internet from all corners of the world, from amateur point-and-shooters to professional videographers.

Here’s my contribution below, from a recent trip to Nicaragua. I was aboard one of the first passenger planes to land on the new airstrip in Greytown, in the extreme southeast corner of the country, a.k.a. San Juan de Nicaragua, a.k.a. San Juan del Norte. Not even the locals could agree on the name of their town.

Turn it up. The croc’s name is "Juanchito":

Moises Gadea, the Nicaraguan musician who wrote and played the original music in this video, will be performing live in Boulder, Colorado, on Saturday, September 8, 2012. He is headlining a fundraising event called "A Night in Nicaragua".

Related article: Moises Gadea, Nicaragua’s Songwriter of the Year, to Play in Colorado for Children’s Cause


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9 hours ago (11:39 AM)

Absolutely gorgeous video, and first class production values. Really, really impressed. The intro set the stage beautifully, I love the humor – nice piloting Josh, and the outtake at the end on bird-watching was nicely done. Music was amazing and well-mixed with the dialogue.

Might be nice for the article to include links to the various items displayed in the video that went by too quickly to take notes. I wonder if this would be effectively done in an explicit way, i.e. right below the video something saying: links from the video with some bullet points.

Loved this!





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