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Chinese food in Granada/Comida china en Granada

Welcome to the Yon Niy Ta Chinese restaurant in Granada.  ’twasn’t bad food but definitely not even in the same league as say…The Great Wall in Bloomington, Illinois.  That is some good Chinese food.  But, we are in Granada so, being objective, it’s an ok alternative to the food fare in town.  It’s cheap – the chop suey cost about $C80 ($4.00) and the shrimp cost $C120 ($6.00).

Bienvenidos al restaurante chino Yon Niy Ta en Granada.  La comida no está mal pero ni se compara a…digamos The Great Wall, en Bloomington, Illinois, EEUU.  Allí se sirve buena comida.  Pero, después de todo, estamos en Granada así que…es una opción decente.  Es barata – el chop suey cuesta  $C80 ($4.00) y los camarones cuestan $C120 ($6.00).



  1. Is this restaurant located about one block off Calzada about 3 or 4 streets east of the main square? We ate best food of the trip from the street vendors in front of a Chinese restaurant — grilled beef, pork, and chicken served with excellent vinegary coleslaw, fried plantains, or sweet plantains on a banana leaf. I think the street vendors were affiliated with the restaurant somehow.

    I'm dying for their coleslaw recipe — and was hoping I could email them about the possibility of getting it. I'd appreciate any leads. Thanks


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