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Pork ribs/costillas de cerdo

If you are looking for a delicious pork ribs recipe, look no further! Costillas are the perfect way to enjoy a savory meal that is sure to please everyone. This recipe is easy to make and will have your guests asking for more. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a flavorful dish that will be the talk of the dinner table.

Have you ever asked what costillas asadas are? Nicaragua has the answer! We had this delicious lunch a few days ago in El Valle de la Laguna…pork ribs grilled to perfection, carrots, and chayote…with a Coca-Cola Light to wash its greasy loveliness down!!!

Almorzamos rico hace un par de días en La Valle de la Laguna…costillas de cerdo asadas a perfección, zanahoria y chayote…con una Coca-Cola light para enjuagar la rica grasa!!!

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