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Coach House coffee/Café de Coach House

I think that’s what the place is called – Coach House Coffee. It’s right in that little plaza by PriceSmart. I ordered a mocha extra strong and got this! I was pleasantly surprised, although it is a little pricey at $3.40. Apparently it’s the same company that has the little coffee shop inside PriceSmart too.

Creo que el lugar se llama así – Coach House Coffee. Está allí por el parqueo de PriceSmart. Pedí un café mocha extra fuerta y me dieron esto! Una buena sorpresa aunque un poco caro a $3.40. Aparentemente es la misma compañías que tiene un café a dentro de PriceSmart.

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  1. A LITTLE pricy? What in the world …. that place is not a Starbucks with a Nica sign over it is it…… That's rediculous… But it looks pretty cool …. Well one thing we know for sure that artist is not "starving" at 3.40 a pop unless that is the only coffee drink sold for the day.

    Bill H.


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