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There is a large shrimp production in the Chinandega area thus many local people also get involved in their own little harvest and selling. These things sure look better at Red Lobster than here huh?

Hay una gran produccion de camerones en la zone de Chinandega y muchas personas locales se involucran en su comercializacion. Claro, se miran mejor en un restaurante que aquí a aire libre, ¿verdad?

Spanish multinational Pescanova inaugurated “the world’s most advanced” shrimp processing plant in Chinandega, northern Nicaragua, of an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.

The whole shrimp production process will take place at the new plant that covers some 20,000 sq m and features three processing and canning lines. The end product, made up of fresh shrimp, is canned shrimp ready for freezing or outright marketing.

Pescanova eventually will acquire ready-to-farm shrimp fry from its laboratory and cultivate these in its farm centres.

The laboratory has a production capacity of 500 million units per month, which essentially guarantees a “much-needed supply” in the years to come, said Fernandez de Sousa.

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