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Super old vehicle barge in Malacatoya

Cable tied to secure bargeThe barge bridge to Malacatoya, Granada has a new cable!!! You might remember the old one that was constantly breaking. Now, the engine is also running and pulling everything across. Rumors in the air say that a bridge is in the works….when? Only heaven knows…but as they say in Nicaragua: Hope doesn’t fill your stomach but it can fool it…

La balsa camino a Malacatoya, Granada tiene un cable nuevo!!! Quizá te acordás del viejo que siempre se reventaba. Ahora, hasta el motor está corriendo y jalando todo através del río. Hay rumores que se va a construir un puente….¿Cuando? Quien sabe…pero como dicen en Nicaragua: “La esperanza no llena pero mantiene….”



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