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La Terraza Mediterraneo

We went with Aaron Lamy to eat supper tonight at La Terraza Mediterraneo, in León, Nicaragua.  It’s a nice little place with good steak.  There is a variety in the menu as you can see in the pictures.

There is a nice cut of beek in Archduke sauce – C$165 ($8.00)

Next there is spaghetti with chicken and basil – C$135 ($6.85)

Finally I had the shrimp in garlic sauce C$185 ($9.15).

Coca-Cola or sweetened lemon tea costs C$15 a drink.

Should you leave a tip?  Note the note (second to bottom) that says that “the dishes are served with rice and crudity”.  Thus “Tipping is voluntary”.  OK?

Address: del Parque Infantil, 2 1/2 blocks North
León, Nicaragua




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