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Surfing in Nicaragua

You know how it goes… surfers discover a new break on an attractive beach, a surf camp sets up, tourists arrive followed by the real estate developers and investors. Then one day you rock into town and notice a sting of real estate agencies selling Nicaragua properties. It’s happened time and time again across Central America. Once a surf location or vacation spot is ‘discovered’ and tourists fall in love with it, some will decide to purchase a corner of their own, and a real estate industry will develop.

Nicaragua has its fair share of top class surf spots. The country is famous among surfers for the off shore breeze that blows most of the year on the southern part of its coastline. The breeze results from the geographic peculiarity of having the 10 largest lake in the world separated from the pacific ocean by only a narrow strip of land. This creates the right conditions for winds to consistently sculpt Nicaraguan waves into the kind of peaks that surfers get excited about.

The various surf spots in Nicaragua offer real estate at various levels of ‘maturity’. Popoyo Nicaragua for example is relatively remote. It’s only accessible by dirt road and the nearest decent sized grocery store is over 1hr away. These factors make it a great place for early-in real state investing. Given the fact that CNN has classed the wave in the top 10 on the globe, it’s likely the area will continue to receive attention.

For surf real estate that is located closer to the kind of amenities and services one would expect from a more mature destination, check out Yankee a little further south. It’s still only dirt road access but the road is maintained in good condition year round. Yankee is only a short drive to the cafes, restaurants and grocery stores of San Juan del Sur.

If you want access to good surf but want to live in town then check out options in San Juan del Sur itself, overlooking the Madera break nearby or Remanso. San Juan del has evolved into Nicaragua’s prime tourism center on the Pacific coast and an important hub for real estate activity. It’s a charming fishing village set in a half moon bay framed by two dramatic headlands jutting out into the sea. After a day of surfing make sure you head back into to town for one of San Juan del Sur’s famous sunsets.

It’s still possible to get a piece of surf real estate in Nicaragua at ground floor prices, especially if you are prepared to purchase in the more remote areas. And right now it’s a buyers market for property in Nicaragua and cash buyers have tremendous amounts of negotiating power. Spend the time to research the opportunities and you may pick up a surf property at a bargain price. 

Original article written by Jane Bakerson.



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